Find Your Next Hunting Companion

Come see our golden retriever puppies for sale in Richmond, MN

Want to maximize your hunting experience? Bring along a loyal and well-trained dog to retrieve the birds for you. At Gold Meadows Hunting Preserve in Richmond, MN, we sell purebred hunting dogs. Our pups are introduced to birds and guns at a young age, so they'll be prepared for their first hunt in no time.

You'll appreciate that our pups are fully vaccinated and have a lifetime registration with the American Kennel Club. We also believe in humane breeding methods, which is why we follow natural birthing schedules. None of our dogs are locked in mills or kennels - they're raised right on our preserve. Visit our preserve today to check out our golden retriever puppies for sale.

Why are golden retrievers great hunting dogs?

Our purebred hunting dogs were raised on the preserve, so they're ideal hunting companions. We recommend our short-haired golden retrievers because:

  • They have a pedigree with other AKC field and hunt champions
  • Their short hair is ideal for hunting
  • They're family-oriented
  • They're fast learners
Want to learn more about our golden retriever puppies for sale? Call 320-597-2747 now.