Turn Your Pup Into a Well-Trained Hunting Dog

Sign up for hunting dog training in Richmond, MN

Training your dog to accompany you on a hunt isn't easy, but the trainers at Gold Meadows Hunting Preserve are up for the challenge. We have over 90 years of combined experience, so you can expect to see results after just a few weeks.

You have two options when you sign up for our hunting dog training sessions - you can leave your dog with our trainers for a month, or you can bring your dog to individual training sessions. If you're not sure which option is right for your dog, bring them to our hunting dog training fields in Richmond, MN today. We'll discuss the options with you in more detail.

Here's what we'll teach your pup

If you're going to bring your dog hunting, they have to be comfortable around guns and birds. That's why we suggest signing your pup up for hunting dog training sessions before they turn 16 weeks old.

When you bring your dog to our hunting dog training field, we'll design a training program based on your dog's current skill level. Typically, dogs under 16 weeks will learn:

  • How to retrieve
  • How to hold the bird
  • When to release the bird
Once your dog has progressed to a higher level, we'll test their skills during an American Kennel Club field trial. See what your dog can do - sign up for a training session today.

Between our 2 trainers there is over 90 years of experience.

We offer one of the best training programs around. We work with you to find out what your dog needs to know. Our programs are unique to you and your dog.

Most of our puppies we train are out in the field after 1 month of training.

We offer obedience, e-collar, field, and hunting training.
We also offer to handle your dogs in AKC Hunt tests and AKC Field trials.

We can do individual lesson with you and your dog