We guarantee you will see the birds you ordered on our guided hunt. Shooting success depends on you!

Pricing is based on Per Bird Released
​***Check out Pre-Buy Program for minimums that are less!
Holiday and Holiday weekends call for group minimums.

Month / Price Per Bird


August - January


February- March





****If you shoot more birds then ordered, you MUST pay for them.

Guide and Dog - $3.00 per bird ($60.00 minimum) Must have 3 shooter. Children must have gun safety before shooting.

Cleaning $6.50 per bird

Plus sales tax
Prices subject to change


Put money on account by August 31, 2024 and receive the following prices per bird released.​
Sign up minimum is $150
Normal price is $29.50

August - September









How does Gold Meadows Hunting Preserve work?

There are no membership fees, guest fees, or gun fees. You are charged on a per bird released. If you shoot additional birds you must pay for them. Birds released are 50/50 hens/roosters. There are two optional charges - bird cleaning is $6.50 per bird (Hunts will have the choice of fresh birds or frozen birds. Fresh birds will be the birds you bagged.) The dog and guide is $3.00 per bird extra. (Minimum Guide fee: $60.00) If you elect to use your own dog, we will take you to the hunting area, explain the area, then let you hunt on your own.

Gold Meadows is open every day of the week. There are no set hours - call anytime you like. Reservations should be made a day or two in advance by phone. We will need your name, date, time of hunt, number of people in your group, number of birds to be released, and whether or not you will be using your own dogs. If you have your own dogs we will need to know what kind they are - pointer or retriever - and how experienced the dogs are. This information helps us determine what area will work best for you. Cover includes corn, grassland, red willows, reed canary grass, swamps, and cattails.

We try to have all morning hunting groups out in the fields no later than 9:00 a.m. Afternoon hunts start at 1:15 and can last until sunset.

**Our cancellation policy**
If you cancel your hunt less then 48 hours you will be charged the hunt in FULL.

Pheasant Hunt The Way You Want Too!!

48 hour notice CAN DO less then 6 pheasants during the week and less then 10 pheasants per group on the weekends!! Call the night before for the next morning or the morning of for the afternoon.

Pheasant Hunting Minimums Per Group

**Varies on Holidays**

Minimum 10 pheasants per group Saturday - Sunday
Minimum 6 pheasants per group Monday - Friday